Vision Design Kit


The Vision Design Kit is Eping’s smart service designed to redesign products that already exist, but which need to be improved or simply aren’t yet been thought. After a first-person brainstorming between the customer and us, we will begin a process inspired by open innovation into your company, finding and rapidly exploring ideas ready to be develope and launched on the market, combining your experience with the creativity of our designers. A transparent, constructive, continuative confrontation is the key, allowing Eping to get to know the customer’s needs, and on the other side to be stimulated to propose him new challenges.


Who is it meant for?


Do you have an idea in mind and don’t know how to implement it?
Do you want to improve your product?
Are you thinking about adding a new item to your range of products?
Are you going to apply for a tender or to enter a new market?


Vision Design Kit is the right tool for you and your company!