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Tender Consultation
with EPING

EPING is a highly specialized design and engineering studio that offers tender consultation services to its clients with the support of two excellent partners: Bugnion S.p.A. (a studio specialized in patents, trademarks, and rights) and Telematica Italia S.r.l. (a company focused on facilitated business finance).

Our consultation is a crucial part of the process of participating in industrial design and innovative solution development projects. Regional and national tenders represent a valuable opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs who want to access funding, resources, and support to realize ambitious industrial projects.

Regional and national tenders offer the chance to participate in projects of industrial relevance, promoting innovation, sustainability, and economic development in the region. However, participating in such tenders requires a strategic approach and proper preparation to compete and meet the required qualifications. With our specialized support, businesses can get the assistance needed to submit successful applications.

How EPING Helps You in Tender Participation

EPING provides comprehensive consultation to guide its clients through the process of participating in regional and national tenders with non-repayable contributions. Our team of expert professionals offers a wide range of activities, including:

  • Tender analysis: We carefully evaluate the available tenders, identifying opportunities that best suit our clients’ needs.
  • Candidacy planning and preparation: We support our clients in preparing the required documentation for tender participation, ensuring that all requirements are met and the application is submitted professionally and comprehensively.
  • Project assessment: We analyze our clients’ industrial design projects, assessing their feasibility and suitability regarding the tender’s goals and criteria.
  • Budgets and funding: We provide financial consultation to help our clients define the project budget and identify available funding sources.
  • Assistance during the evaluation process: We follow our clients through the entire evaluation process, providing support and answers to any requests for clarification or additional information.

The tender consultation offered by EPING is a valuable service for companies and entrepreneurs aiming to participate in industrial design projects through regional and national tenders. With our professional and competent support, our clients can significantly increase their chances of success in tender participation and securing the necessary funding for their projects. If you’re looking for a reliable partner for tender consultation, contact EPING today and discover how we can help you obtain funding and opportunities.

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