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Project: Not the average spider

For the return of Oil & Steel® as a leader in the world of tracked MEWPs, the company that is part of the Manitex International group has entrusted Eping asking for support in developing the new flagship model of the brand: the Octoplus 21 crawler aerial platform (spider).

The historic company from San Cesario has carried out a very in-depth market research, aiming to innovate a sector where competition is not lacking. From structural and stability calculations to the drafting of technical documentation, passing through concept styling and 3D modeling of components, Eping followed the entire project in absolute synergy with Oil & Steel, delivering to the customer a machine of the highest possible level that exceeds the initial specifications required.

In this project, Eping’s engineering and design departments worked in synergy with each other and with the customer, to deliver not only a product with high performance compared to competitors, but also a product that takes into account the aesthetic factor and the optimization of costs and production times.

The digital twin of the machine allowed our engineers to verify the entire machine, performing all the checks imposed by European and US regulations.

At the end of the project, Oil & Steel presented to the market a machine that surpasses all competitors in terms of performance and dimensions. Once closed, the machine does not exceed 90 cm in width. The feedback from the market has been very positive, as the Emilian company has already produced several dozen platforms in the first year of the product’s life.


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