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Project: Think outside the box

Not only industrial machines, in fact product design is a constantly evolving branch within our company. We have collaborated with different realities trying to develop products adapted to their needs. In this case we analyze some functional covers for PCBs.

As often happens, once the project specification have been defined, our designers get to work trying immediately to find pleasant and functional shapes. This step combined with a more technical approach by the engineers is essential to obtain a product with the right combination between the two souls of Eping.

This object shown on the side is a safety device for operators in the logistics sector. Multiple versions of this product have been developed, as the customer wanted to approach the initial production with 3D printing, and then switch to injection molding once sufficient demand was reached to justify the investment of the molds.

In this case, however, the customer needed to create a printed electrical circuit board (PCB) cover that contained a safety device for domestic use. The challenge was to work with very small dimensions, while still providing several buttons, access points and areas designed for propagation of alarms noises.

Given the complexity of these products it is good during the design process to work with all the actual components that will then be mounted inside it in order to have the most truthful situation possible. Often in these cases we use removable panels, clip closure systems, press buttons. The last but not least step is to compare with those who will then produce the parts of the objects in order to be aligned on technical solutions, drafts, thicknesses of plastics, etc.


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