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Project: Custom Joystick Design

We were asked to model a joystick highly customized to the ergonomic and functional needs of the customer. We obtained a 3D scan of an existing prototype made by the customer in order to import the geometry into our CAD. After several steps of modeling and rapid prototyping to define the geometry down to the smallest technical detail, we delivered the model to our 3d print supplier.

The challenge of this project was to remodel organic shapes and forms starting from a physical prototype made by hand with plasticine and 3D scanned to have a reference in the CAD. During the modeling, we took into account both the ergonomic requirements and the technical aspects for injection molding.

The subdivision of the parts that make up the joystick have been designed to allow the customization of the front and rear button panels.

The joystick has been designed to be resistant to water splashes, which can happen in the cab of commercial vehicles.


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