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We identify more
as a creative forge

than a studio

We are a group of mechanical engineers and industrial designers who collaborate synergistically to provide innovative and customized solutions for the conception and development of vehicles and accessories for the industrial, logistics, agriculture, and construction sectors.

Empathy, professionalism, confidentiality, curiosity, punctuality, initiative, enthusiasm, and passion are just some of the words that characterize us. Thanks to the integrated approach between engineering and design, we offer solutions that ensure product customization and reduced time to market, allowing our clients to stand out in the market. This has allowed us to gain the trust of numerous clients both nationally and internationally.


Our story

Our origins and the history we’ve lived through.

Eping S.r.l. was born from the desire of a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer with over ten years of experience in the field of lifting machineries.

April 2016: EPING was formally established, finding its first historic location in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Piacenza. It was just a small room with two desks, but it was enough to start achieving the first results and satisfying the first customers, leading to an increasing number of requests and positive feedback.

2017: Sound business choices yielded results, and in less than a year, with exponential growth, the first employees were hired. This evolution led us to move to our current location in Via Villani, which at the time consisted of an open space next to another company, separated only by a gypsum wall.

In the same year, we also participated as exhibitors in the GIS, the largest biennial trade fair in Europe dedicated to users of lifting machinery, industrial and port handling, and heavy transportation field.

2018: Eping S.r.l. became a sole shareholder company and joined the Tecnonet business network. Tecnonet is a network of companies in the fields of mechanics, design, automation, digitalization, artificial intelligence, and an experimental research center, with the aim of offering various services and a single point of contact for clients.

2019: After two years, we returned to GIS with an exhibitor booth to forge new business agreements.

2020: Eping S.r.l. continued to grow, not only financially. It became necessary to expand our space, and the wall separating Eping from the neighboring company was knocked down, creating a unified environment to accommodate a meeting room, a dining area, and sufficient space for the increasing number of collaborators.

2021: It marked Eping S.r.l.’s third participation in the GIS fair in Piacenza as an exhibitor, and it was also the year when the first collaboration with an international client took place, providing the team with the opportunity to learn to work with different cultures and work methods.

2023: After six years of growth and sacrifices, we decided to strengthen the EPING brand and invest more resources in making our company known externally. Every team member is growing, evolving, learning, improving, and the desire to face new challenges and demonstrate their capabilities never wanes.

We chose to seal the achievements so far with a new, clearer, and updated brand identity that reflects what EPING has become.

The first step to express our evolution was to officially unveil our new logo, changing the font and making some graphic adjustments. After removing the top line that constrained it, we emphasized ‘ING,’ at the core of EPING’s birth, and at the same time, increased the focus on our synergy between engineering and design, highlighting the ‘&’ between the two words. The launch of the new website and the fourth participation in the GIS fair testify to our continuous commitment to improve and grow.

What will be the next steps? Keep following us to stay updated on all the news.

Our Mission
and Vision

“It often happens that a company uses a design studio to take care of the aesthetic side but then has to turn to the engineering offices for the technical aspects. If these two companies are not internal, they usually struggle to talk to each other or, even worse, it happens that the engineer does not pay much attention to aesthetics focusing more on the functionality of the object. It is difficult to find in the same studio these two souls that then translate into heterogeneous skills. Generally, there are studios that perform the pure design part, engineering studios that carry out structural analyzes and design studios that deal only with styling. We, on the other hand, offer a complete service and merge these three activities within the same project. Which is why by choosing us, you choose a single interlocutor for all three phases of the design. It is clear that we represent a unicum and this aspect is our strong point.”

(Meccanica 24 Ore ed. January, 2023)

Our goal is to cooperate in the making of ambitious projects for our customers, coming to create real long-term collaborations to define ourselves as partners, thus freeing us from the trivial customer/supplier binomial. We like to raise the bar and accept new challenges that the world of design puts before us, always with the enthusiasm, professionalism, passion and discretion that characterize us.

Ing. Paolo Cignatta
Technical Manager and Founder


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